Harald said:

> Hi,
> I am working on something that could perhaps help designing panels.
> While looking at the xml definition
> of panels I saw that 2d panels are defined in their own file and
> included with a <panel> tag.
> On the other way the 3d panels are included in the plane model/animation
> .xml file.
> I find this a bit strange, we can have multiple 2d panels for one
> aircraft but only one 3d panel for
> aircrafts with 3d panels (or if we want more we must duplicate the .xml
> plane model).
> Can't we have a <panel3d> tag that would work the same as 2d panels (and
> that file would include all 
> the <model> of the instruments) ?
> Anyway you can see some screenshots the editor I am working on here
> http://www.chez.com/tipunch/fgpanel/

Because they are just models.  You can select or deselect, make groups of them
and select or deselect those, etc.  Take a good look at the model doc.  

Then look at some configs (747 comes to mind) that "select" objects based on
certain conditions.  To reference the instrument models in animation specs
just add a <name> tag to inside the <model> tag.  You should then be able to
refer to the model for that instrument as an object using that name in an
<object-name> tag in your animation specs.  Same for grouping.  If you take a
look at David Megginson's pa28-161 you'll see this nicely organized.

The panel3d tag is just a kluge to map the 2D rendering to a poly in the 3D
view.  The 3D methods are as if not more flexible and intuitive for what you



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