"Curtis L. Olson" wrote:
> Update of /var/cvs/FlightGear-0.9/data/Airports
> In directory baron:/tmp/cvs-serv21708

> Modified Files:
>       basic.dat.gz runways.dat.gz 
> Log Message:
> Updated airport, runway, taxiway, windsock, beacon, and tower data.

Curt, would you _please_  :-)  manually change LFZZ/Chambley in
basic.dat and runways.dat to some useful code _before_ the next scenery
release ? LFZZ is the default code for all French airfields that are
not further specified - which results in multiple entries in Robin's
database that are named LFZZ.
I've found two possible codes for Chambley Airbase. "LCHM" according to
http://dss.ucar.edu/datasets/ds900.0/data/pre73 and "FX01" on
Maybe Frederic has a suggestion which one to prefer .... hello
Frederic  ;-)

I started pointing Robin to the existence of this airfiled in spring
2002 !!! (see ftp://ftp.ihg.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/Devel/FX01.apt).
Two years have passed since but unfortunately he still refuses to apply
a unique code to Chambley which makes this airfield pretty useless in
FlightGear :-(

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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