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Has anyone tried taking the c172 autopilot and converting it into a graphical representation? For possible use into Simulink?

Do you mean creating a 2D or 3D instrument? Autopilots tend to go by brand rather than aircraft model. The most popular new autopilots seem to be the STEC series, which simply look like fancy turn coordinators:

The Cessna 172R shipped, I think, with the Bendix-King KAP 140 autopilot:

Both of these run off the turn coordinator, so they are still useful after a vacuum failure. Older planes often have the old Cessna 300 autopilot (in various versions) -- I flew behind one once and it wasn't exactly a smooth ride. I think (but am not certain) that the 300 runs off the attitude indicator, so it would be useless (or even harmful) after a vacuum failure.

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