Innis Cunningham wrote
> Hi Guys
> When I started this topic all I was asking
> was to set aside say ten of the keys that are
> not currently used for A/C specific functions.
> By this I ment functions that are specific to that
> A/C eg a 747 may have a cargo door while a fighter
> may have a tail hook in which case each could use the
> same key
> "Jim Wilson" writes
> >
> >
> >As a former advocate for this idea, I'd like to relate some 
> >reservations on the idea reserving aircraft specific keys.  One 
> >question that comes to mind is how many things do we 
> actually need an 
> >aircraft specific binding for?
> doors
> tail hooks
> refueling booms
> guns,munitions
> landing brake shutes
> wing folding(be it for storage or flight(F-111))
> There is probably a few more but not many.So hope fully it 
> can be seen from the list that no one A/C would have all of them. .
> >
> >Best,
> >
> >Jim
> My idea would be that all the common things we have now is
> fine and that the specific bindings for any given A/C would 
> be put in a readme file that goes with the specific model. 
> This way the user would know all the common bindings for 
> controls gear and the like and when they wanted to use some 
> of the eye candy thay would only need to check the readme to 
> see how to work it. It was not my intention to have a 
> complete rework of the keyboard bindings.

I'm with Innes on this one. We should guard against being to prescriptive:
we are sure to find something in the future that we haven't allowed for now.

By the way, I used H/h for arrester hook because:

A. I thought that A/a was already assigned.

B. It is a mnemonic which gets around the UK arrester hook versus the US
tail hook.

C. It is next to G/g (on my keyboard. 



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