David Megginson wrote:

> [...]  Airports should be pretty accurate, though there are still some 
> problems.  The GSHHS shoreline data for inland bodies of water is pretty 
> bad: it is more than 1km off in the Great Lakes for Canada and the U.S. (so 
> waterfront airports are either floating out in the lake or far inland), but 
> the other hand, vmap0, while less detailed, is pretty-much bang-on. 
> However, Norm has pointed out that vmap0 can be way off on the *ocean* 
> coastline data, while GSHHS is usually accurate.

Does this mean to get the best out of the available sources you need
SRTM data for the elevation and land cover, VMAP0 for inland water
(lakes and rivers) and GSHHS for the ocean shoreline ? Anything else ?
Merging these sources sounds like a 'funny' game ....

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