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How do real life FMS's do it? Does this generally vary? If so maybe it would make sense to pick this number up from the autopilot XML with a default defined in preferences.xml.

At any given speed, the same bank angle will give you the same turn rate (for a coordinated turn), no matter how big or small the plane is. I don't know the proper equation, but the rule of thumb for a rate one turn (3 degrees per second) is knots/10+7, so at 120 kt you will need (roughly) a 19 degree bank for a rate-one turn; at 250 knots, you will need (roughly) a 32 degree bank.

I don't think that fast passenger planes typically bank much more than 20 degrees, though, so they will be doing a turn at considerably less than rate one. Get the proper formulas, specify the maximum allowed bank angle, then crunch the numbers to see how far ahead the plane will have to start turning at its current airspeed to change course by a specified number of degrees.

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