I tried the new scenery, but somehow fgfs doesn't seem to be reading it. I downloaded W80N30 and checked the files, they're there and as far as I can tell are ok. I also added the dir that I am putting the new scenery into to my $FG_SCENERY and exported it. When I move the old scenery aside and do fgfs --airport=KIAD --aircraft=ufo I get ocean. Is there something else I haven't thought of? I even tried FG_SCENERY=/usr/local/lib/FlightGear/Scenery-0.9.5, but I get the same results. I know the stuff is there ...
[EMAIL PROTECTED] FlightGear]$ find $FG_SCENERY | grep KIAD

It never had any problem finding the last scenery set before I moved it out of /usr/local/lib/FlightGear/GlobalScenery.


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