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William Earnest wrote:

Pulled down the local 10 degree block for a quick look, and the overall impression is a great improvement. Before anyone (especially Curt) has to order a larger hat, here are a few specific problems I spotted in my area (eastern PA).

First, the majority of the taxiways are on the opposite side from reality. 1N9, KUKT, KSEG are fully reversed. KABE has taxi for 6-24 correct, but the one for 13-31 is on the wrong side.

Robin Peel has generated default taxiways for all airports that haven't had specific taxiways defined for them. The default taxiways are intended to look "plausible" but have no real connection with reality. The fix for this is to define correct taxiways for each individual airport. Lot's of tedius work which is probably why it hasn't been done yet for most of the smaller airports. However, once we get a way to output "x-plane" format taxiway information, then people from the FlightGear project could really help Robin push his database forward.

This airport also shows a database problem, with a major highway trying to cross 13-31. The highway near 1N9 is also displaced by about a mile, putting it on the wrong side of the airport.

This is due to the very low resolution of our road data base. This issue has been discussed before, but at the moment there doesn't seem to be any good solution short of manually repositioning the roads. But before we can do that, we need some mechanism to store and coordinate all the fixes ... that will be some substantial effort for someone, unless some kind company or government releases better data for us to use.

At KLNS, the taxiways are roughly correct, but one runway (8-26) and its taxi is only a long white rectangle.

This is a problem with Robin's database. For some airports he ended up with two airport entries with half the runways assigned to the first and half the runways assigned to the second. The airport generator tools can't handle this and the result is some missing runways or "holes". I am very hopeful that these "bugs" will be fixed in Robin's next database release (which should happen in a week or two or three.)

I note a lot of windsocks by the runway ends. I assume this is a default when no location is available. Likewise, several beacons are far from their real locations, with some uncomfortably near the runways.

Yes, for all airports that don't have windsocks or beacons, Robin generates some default objects ... you'll probably see the pattern if you look at a few runways and airports. His code doesn't account for runway overlaps so you get some wierdness here and there. Again, the good news is that when we spot these problems and can find correct data for the airports we can submit it to Robin and hopefully get it fixed in the next release. I trust our buddies in the X-Plane camp are seeing the same issues and doing the same thing to help fix up the database.

Don't let these nits slow down the progress. Add them to the pile of items "for a rainy day".

Yup, I already have a big list of things I hope to look at for upcoming scenery builds.



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