Aerial refueling is now possible, if you build CVS FlightGear with CVS JSBSim.  
The tanker is created by adding an entry like this to the AI scenario file:

   <callsign>Esso 1</callsign>

A KC-135 model is available at my hangar:

I recommend using the T-38 as a receiver because you may need the radar to 
locate the tanker.  Reduce the fuel load in the T-38 to 100 gallons per tank 
if you want to observe fuel onload.

Presently the refueling envelope is pretty loose.  This is mainly a 
work-around to accomodate the fact that the AI radar information is only 
updated every ten sim cycles (for performance reasons, although this may not 
actually be necessary).

You will notice when you get within about 500 feet of the tanker that the 
tanker's 3D model appears to jump in about 50 foot leaps, probably due to 
seperate renderer threading?  I don't know enough about the graphics side of 
things to fix that bit.

David Culp

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