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> I'm only a bit dissapointed that nobody's yet reported actually
> _seeing_ one of MD11's take off. :-) :-)

i just did :-) took off from SFO and followed it for a couple of hours
to the canadian border (i guess i was bored). a few nits: when i sped
up the game (by pressing the 'a' key) the md11 didn't speed up (so
this was a quick way of catching up with it). second, although it
initially climbed to about 22000 feet, by the time i stopped following
it it was down to about 16000. normal airliners fly at about 40000 so
this is probably a bug in the planning. third, i was flying the t38
but the md11 didn't show up on the radar (the two 737's did, as well
as some other plane unknown plane). this probably has something to do
with the md11 model. speaking of the radar, i find it strange that my
plane shows up on the radar in the centre.

anyway, i took some pictures along the way, you can find them at:


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