Alex Perry wrote:
From: "Curtis L. Olson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

It is instrument specific as to what it does when the computed distance goes
below zero.  Some of them just report zero distance, while others go negative.
Often, the ones that clamp at zero will still be showing a non-zero speed.

From: David Culp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

I've never seen a negative DME, and I don't think it's possible to see one.

The physical implementation of the bias is that the transmitter on the ground responds to the incoming pulse slightly sooner than it 'should' so that the speed of light round trip time is reported as a bit shorter. It is equally feasible to respond slightly later than the standard specifies, so that the reported distance is somewhat on the long side. Thus, the bias value in the database of DME stations can have either sign.

Are you sure about this?
From a technical point of few the distance will increase again after passing the locater because dt never can become negative.


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