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> Last week, Erik Hofman was kind enough to commit the first version of a 
> traffic manager into cvs. Since then, I've been hinting at the
> exsistence of this system, but because I was a little low on time so I
> didn't have a chance to tell more about it. 

This is very very cool.  I have one recommendation -- put a copy of
this message on the wiki?  Updated in the future as there's more to
say about it, that sort of thing?  I've been searching through
mailing list archives the last couple of days, looking for descriptions
of the possible elements (and possible values of elements) for different
.xml files.  Putting this stuff in the wiki would be good.

> So, what is the traffic manager? Simply put, it's a subsystem that
> maintains a database of routes that will be flown by aircraft listed in
> this database. Based on these routing tables, it tracks the approximate
> position of each aircraft, and when one of these aircraft come within
> range of the user (currently hard coded as less than 500 nm), the
> traffic manager creates an AIAircraft, which then continues to fly it's
> assigned route. 

Do you have any kind of feel for what the overhead of this is?  How
many concurrent routes can the traffic manager handle at once without
significantly impacting the simulator?  How many AI aircraft can
that component handle?

> These traffic schedules can be found in ${FGROOT}/data/Traffic. Each
> route needs to have flightplan associated with it, in 
> ${FGROOT}/data/Data/AI/FlightPlans/ These are named DDDD-AAAA.xml, where
> DDDD is the ICAO code for the departure airport and AAAA the ICAO code
> of the arrival airport. 

Is this a general thing?  For instance, let's say two different planes
fly from EHAM to KSFO.  Will they both have to use that same EHAM-KSFO.xml
as their flight plan?  I looked in the PH-KC? files and didn't see an
entry that specified the flight plan file, which makes me think the flight
plan would be generic to any planes flying that route.  True?  I guess
the auto-flightplan-generation will change this, but I'm just curious
how it works.



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