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"Jim Wilson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "Curtis L. Olson" said: 
>> We currently have the ability to sync with real METAR weather reports
>> as we fly.
>> I would like to propose that we set the default weather to zero winds,
>> zero turbulence, and maybe (?) zero clouds.
>> Those that want interesting weather by default can use the METAR 
>> fetching feature, and those that are trying out FG for the first time 
>> will have fewer surprises.  What do you think?
> Sounds ok.  Then Denver won't be in the clouds all the time.  Maybe a
> pui dialog option(s) that offered a non-metar weather scenario or two or
> three would be good.

I ditto this.  In addition to "no weather" and METAR extracted, having
a scenario or two would be nice.  But I think having a default of nothing
(except for maybe some high-altitude stuff for scenery) is good.


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