On Tuesday 15 June 2004 19:55, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> I would like to propose that we set the default weather to zero winds,
> zero turbulence, and maybe (?) zero clouds.

I propose the default weather be ...

1. Low altitudes below 6k' have a stable airmass with an inversion
layer, which is a common state in the bay area and southern CA.
2. Medium altitudes below 15k' have a faster lapse rate and instability.
3. Jet stream related effects at high altitude (just for the jets).

* zero wind and turbulence, clear with 6SM visibility, below 3k'
* gradual transition from 3k' to 3k5'
* 20 knot onshore, no turbulence, clear, 30SM visibility 3k5' to 6k'
* 20 knot onshore, light turbulence, scattered cumulus, to 15k'
* ramp from 20 knot to 50 knot from 15k' to 20k' in moderate turbulence
* Scattered layer (the way we usually do it) at 28k'
* 50 knot onshore, no turbulence above 20k'

Benefit is that new users get to experience the magic of climbing
out of the inversion layer and seeing the hills in the distance.
Shows off most of our features and jets something to play with.

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