On Wednesday 16 June 2004 07:21, Erik Hofman wrote:
> Lee Elliott wrote:
> > Re the above, it would help if all the scenery could be made invisible
> > because while rotating the view around the model to get the right angle
> > to observe a particular animation I often find that the ground gets in
> > the way and obscure the view.
> What really would help is a separate aircraft design program...
> Erik

Ain't sayin' nuffin'


Actually, I love the modeller in the app I use - apparently every version of 
the s/w I use has been described as having a 'steep learning curve' but to be 
honest, I find it totally logical to the extent that I don't need to remember 
loads of stuff because it's just as quick to work it out each time I need to 
do it (not that I have on every model).

Actually, it's easy enough too, to work out the exact anim axis by measuring 
them in whatever 3d app you're using - simple enough maths that even I can do 

Nope - the only two real problems are; the scenery getting in the way, and not 
being able to easily 'shift' the viewpoint i.e. to be able to get a view 
aligned with the central axis but off-set to the ailerons - by rotating you 
can only ever see them at an angle, other that that FG is ok, if with a bit 
of a heavy overhead:)


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