Vivian Meazza wrote:

I have hit a snag while writing some Nasal script for the Spitfire model:

I put this in the spitfireIIa-set.xml file

<controls> <engines> <engine n="0"> <magneto-switch type="bool">1</magneto-switch>
<magneto-switch type="bool">1</magneto-switch>

I then try to access it elsewhere.

This works:

<binding> <command>nasal</command>
But this doesn't:

<binding> <command>nasal</command>

I can work around it no problem, but I think that it should work. I can see,
but can't access ../magneto-switch[1] in the Browse Internal Properties
dialog either.

I think that it may be a property tree issue rather than Nasal. Any

Does your spitfire have more than one magneto switch? This generally implies more than one engine. The value of the first magneto-switch[0] is probably what you want to be changing.



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