Vivian Meazza wrote:
> This works:
>   setprop("controls/engines/engine/magneto-switch[0]",1);
> But this doesn't:
>   setprop("controls/engines/engine/magneto-switch[1]",1);
> I can work around it no problem, but I think that it should work. I
can see,
> but can't access ../magneto-switch[1] in the Browse Internal Properties
> dialog either.
> I think that it may be a property tree issue rather than Nasal. Any
> guidance/ideas?

I dunno, this all looks correct to me, both the Nasal and the XML
definitions.  The fact that you can't read it in the browser is
especially weird.  Maybe there's a tie or an alias that's getting in
the way?

Try binding a key to do:


And see what you find.  This will crawl the specified property tree
and recursively dump all the sub-properties, with their types.


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