Phillip Jones wrote:

> I just compiled 0.9.4 from source (using cygwin), and noticed the
> aileron problem on the C172 (I saw the thread about this and know that's
> its already fixed in CVS).  What I find strange is that the pre-compiled
> binaries do not have this same bug.  Anyone know why this is?

Perhaps because Curt packed the pre-compiled version after the bug
was fixed in CVS. Check the dates.

> The other thing I notice is that start up time for the
> compiled-from-source program is *significantly* longer than for the
> pre-compiled binaries.  Just now, it took ~5 seconds for the splash
> screen and ~15 sec total startup time for the precompiled program.  The
> from-source program takes more than 1min for the splash screen to
> appear, and 1min30sec for full startup.  After startup, it seems to run
> just fine.  Any suggestions on how to improve startup time?

The fact is that the pre-compiled version was made with native MS compiler,
not cygwin. Perhaps the cygwin emulation layer is a bit slow on file access.


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