I suppose it's a little off topic, but it seems like something you guys would know about (since it seems like I saw it here to begin with, anyway)

Would any of you know where I can find the image somewhat matching this description:

A swimsuit model with big gazongas, with general information relating to several parameters of the arc of a curve (properly fitted to one of the nearly semi-circular aforementioned gazongas). I seem to remember it as being titled something like "Engineering Wallpaper", but I can't really find it on the internet anymore (I might not be typing in the right keywords, though). Anyone know anything?

Yeah, I know it's a little out there, but so am I,

A scientist claims in court that the reason he ran a red light is that, due to his 
speed, the color was blueshifted till it appeared green.  Needless to say, the charges 
of running the red light were dropped and he lost his license for speeding excessively.

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