Over the last few days I have been trying to fly the A320 between some
airports, navigating along the way via ndb's, and using the autopilot. I
seem to have a problem in that it will only allow me to set one lot of
data for the autopilot. When I go back and change a height or speed
setting Flightgear just hangs. For example: take off and climb a bit and
get on to a rough heading. Select wing leveler, altitude hold, and speed
hold with throttle. Once above 10'000 I want to increase the speed say
another 100 knots. I type this in under the Autopilot menu, but when I
press OK to activate the new speed and exit it just hangs. If I activate the new 
setting first this sometimes works, but sometimes just freezes as well.

Im using the precompiled 0.9.4 windows binaries under win 2000.

A possible user request: could there be a user option for the Mach number setting for 
the autopilot? I have noticed that when climbing through around 10,000 ft that it 
begins to pitch and oscillate. I have noticed that this happens when trying to climb 
at high speeds and rates of climb, so I think that the performance Im trying to get is 
not possible and so the autopilot is struggling. Being able to climb at a constant 
mach number would be very useful.


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