Vassilii Khachaturov wrote:

I believe that --offset-azimuth in conjunction with the --vor option
misbehaves. Consider the following cmdline:

fgfs --aircraft=c172-ifr --vor=HNL --offset-azimuth=180 \
--offset-distance=20 --altitude=6000 --heading=359 --vc=90 \
--nav1=0:114.8 --com1=118.1

This should start the aircraft 20 miles south of the Honolulu VOR,
on the heading of 359, with the 1st nav radio tuned to the VOR.
With the 0th radial selected on nav1 (same happens w/360:114.8)
I for some reason observe FROM indication on the VOR, whereas,
being to the south of it, I should get TO, shouldn't I?

Whoever designed the offset-azimuth option designed it to work from the plane perspective rather than the reference-point perspective. That is especially confusing with VORs, because in real life the radial is always given from the VOR perspective. Another possible point of confusion is that --offset-azimuth is in degrees true, while VOR radials are usually in something closer to (but not exactly) degrees magnetic.

We should consider adding a --vor-radial option to FlightGear. It wouldn't be trivial, but it wouldn't be *too* difficult either.

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