Roy Vegard Ovesen wrote:

> I was looking at the clouds at KSFO today and noticed that the clouds were
> moving towards the wind as indicated by the windsock. Windsock pointed
> towards 80 deg and clouds were moving towards 260 deg.
> I checked the "environment" subtree in the property browser, and sure
> the wind was coming from 260 deg, so the sock was pointing in the right
> direction. I also checked the "weather conditions" GUI window to make sure
> that the wind wasn't actually blowing the other way at the cloud layer
> altitude (it wasn't!).
> I checked the indicated airspeed, while parked heading towards the wind,
> deg. It indicated 18 knots, the same as the "wind-speed-kt" property under
> "environment". That made sense.
> It seems that the cloud layer is mowing in the wrong direction. After
> the wind direction and updating the cloud layer, they were stil moving
> directly opposite of what one might expect.

It should be fixed in CVS now.


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