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 Roberto Manca <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi all,

I'd like to send some flight data (like altitude,
speed, position...) from a machine that runs
FlightGear to a slave machine (which will elaborate

Hi, Roberto:

It is my understanding that FlightGear has a pretty versatile socket system set up. I don't know anything about it, though. That's probably what you'll want to use. However, until that time when someone pipes in to tell you how to use that, I thought I'd pass along something that might be helpful to you. If you are using a JSBSim aircraft model, you can specify an OUTPUT setion in the aircraft file. See some of the JSBSim aircraft config files for more information on that, or if you are interested and are having problems making it work, as me. The overview is this: if you add these lines into your JSBSim aircraft config file:

  <OUTPUT NAME="localhost" TYPE="SOCKET" PORT="5678">
    RATE_IN_HZ       10

you will get flight data output to the localhost on port 5678. The format of the output is text format, with the first set of data being shipped over being the labels for the data. You can look at the FGOutput.cpp and FGOutput.h files in the JSBSim directory for more information. I've tested this out using the netcat program, "nc" in my CygWin environment. Open a new console window and try this:

nc -l -p 5678

This sets up a listening socket on port 5678. If you run FlightGear with the JSBSim aircraft that has the OUTPUT section in the aircraft config file, you _should_ be able to see the data coming across. I haven't tried this from within FlightGear yet.

Good luck.


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