On Saturday 03 July 2004 00:00, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> Here is an idea:
> Right now, if we want to include an external model, we can do something
> like: <model>
>  <path>directory/*.xml</path>
> </model>
> What we can do is add a new type of tags called textures.  It will be
> something like this:
> <texture>
>  <path>directory/*.xml</path>
> </texture>
> By using these texture tags, FlightGear will be able to load different
> textures (located in different folders) according to different airlines.
> Regards,
> Ampere

While it's easy to describe logically, it could be a little harder to 
implement practically.

As I understand it, the 3d model and texture handling in FG is done via plib, 
which treats the texture map path incorporated in the .ac model file as a 
relative path.

To be able to switch textures at run-time would require the texture path 
incorporated in each .ac model to be treated as a logical path, which could 
then be 'aliased' as required.

Bottom line: it would need a re-definition of the .ac standard, and subsequent 
implementation in plib.

...I think.

It would be nice though...;)


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