> The property system is best described as an in-memory LDAP database 
> which holds the state of global variables. The system has a tree like 
> hierarchy (like a file system) and has a root node, sub nodes (like 
> subdirectories) and end-nodes (variables).
> All variables are kept internally as raw values and can be converted to 
> any other supported type (boolean, int, float double and string).
> Like a file system, every node can be accessed relative to the current 
> node, or absolute to the root node.
> The property system also allows aliasing nodes to other nodes (like 
> symbolic linking files or directories to other files or directories) and 
> may be assigned read-only or read-write.
> If necessary it would be possible for parts of the program to hold it's 
> own property tree, which is inaccessible from the global property tree, 
> by keeping track of it's own root-node.
> Property I/O code allows one to easily read the tree from, or write the 
> tree to an XML file.

Would you say that the JSBSim property tree is "grafted" onto the FlightGear tree?


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