Hi all,
This is just to thank you all for helping me. I've modified the "netfdm" client Erik told me (the client works perfectly but does exactly the opposite job I needed) to act as a server and receive the current flight model status through a FGNetFDM 'variable'. If you think it might be helpful I could give you the modified code to add it to the examples directory...
PS: I've checked also the method suggested by Jon (only with a 'JSBsim Cessna') and it seemed to work.

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Roberto Manca wrote:

> Hi all,


> I'd like to send some flight data (like altitude,

> speed, position...) from a machine that runs

> FlightGear to a slave machine (which will elaborate

> them online) on a socket connection. I haven't found

> any documentation on the way the data are arranged and

> sent. I don't even know which data are sent and how to

> choose them... so I don't know how to set up my client program on the

> slave machine. Therefore I'm trying to look at the code... Can anyone

> tell me which part of FlightGear code deals with socket data

> communications?



> Any idea, example, clue or suggestion is appreciated

> and would be very helpful...

There is a sample implementation that shows how to do this in the

sourcecode under FlightGear/examples/netfdm.



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