Luca Masera wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to compile the latest version of FlightGear. I've downloaded all the 
> libraries (from CVS) needed and I've compliled them. However I've two problems with 
> FlightGear, exactly:
> ----- c:\flightgear0.9.4\flightgear-code\src\Server\messagebuf.cxx(3): fatal error 
> C1083: Cannot open include file: 'netinet/in.h': No such file or directory -----
> Not the directory "netinet" nor the file "in.h" exists. I've to remove the 
> messagebuff.cxx and .hxx from the project?
> ----- c:\flightgear0.9.4\flightgear-code\src\Objects\ssgEntityArray.cxx(67): error 
> C2259: 'ssgEntityArray' : cannot instantiate abstract class -----
> These couple of file, ssgEntityArray.cxx e .hxx, have to stay into the project?

You can safely remove these 2 files from your MSVC project. They are not needed for 
fgfs.exe itself.


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