I'd thought of drilling a hole in the ball of a serial mouse and
attaching a weight on a stick to it. Mount the mouse in a cage with a
spirit level on it, fix the cage in the aircraft and get a "zeroed"
reading and then record mouse positions against time during flight. 
An upside down joystick with a weight on the end of the handle could do
a similar job.
Problem is I imagine the weight would be thrown around by centrifugal
force messing up the readings.
Attitude indicators have to operate unaffected by centrifugal force,
perhaps there is one that can output data ?

Maybe this isn't needed though as I notice the AI aircraft can simulate 
banking (unfortunately mostly when I am trying to get them to taxi ! )

I guess any accurate re play (if re play is possible) would require a
simulation of weather etc,

I'm wondering though how a replay would look purely using accurate
position, velocity and attitude information.


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