Mat Churchill wrote:

Hoping to pick up on flying lessons again and was wondering if I can
record NMEA flight data of my lessons and play it back in FG ?
To add to this does anyone know of a way of recording bank angle / glide
path in a format usable by FG ?
Playback of real flights would be a nice feature.

Most GPS units will save a track, but only a few will save altitude information -- I know that the Garmin 295 does, and probably the 195, 196, and 295 as well. Assuming coordinated flight, bank angle can be calculated from airspeed and rate of turn (probably using a moving average), but I don't know if there's code you can use for that anywhere in FlightGear yet.

You'll probably need to download the track information from the GPS in a proprietary format and convert it; alternatively, you could hook up the GPS to a notebook or other portable computing device and simply save the NMEA output as it comes out. That sounds like quite a bit of fuss, though, when you're already worrying about flying lessons. In fact, the instructor may not want the GPS in a position that you can see it, and if it's down in your flight bag or back in the luggage compartment, it might not be able to receive the satellite signals.

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