I mistakenly specified both --vor and --ndb (I meant to say --adf
instead of --ndb), and got a segfault on the startup, even
before the splash screen.

fgfs --prop":/environment/params/real-world-weather-fetch"=true \
        --prop":/environment/params/control-fdm-atmosphere"=true \
        --altitude=4000 --vc=130 --vor=MIP --ndb=344 --com1=119.1 --nav1=001:109.2 \

If --ndb is replaced with --adf, everything works as expected.
If --vor=MIP is put at the end, everything works (despite
2 conflicting switches on the cmdline), and the aircraft is
started over MIP, adf is not tuned (obviously).

While it is probably a strange idea to give one's position over 2
navaids at the same time, fgfs should probably not segfault.

Thanks to Tiago_G and funkapus for their help analyzing this.

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