"Curtis L. Olson" wrote:

> If you look around (u-nav.com, micropilot.com, etc.) there are a number 
> of companies out there making IMU solutions that hit several different 
> price ranges (and presumably a large range of quality/accuracy.)  This 
> is an area where you get what you pay for.  And unfortunately you are 
> probably looking at thousands of $$$$ as the entry level just to get 
> something that works.  The really high end inertial navigation units are 
> more in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range.

If you spend $6k at X-Bow you already get a FOG-based IMU. This is the
sort of things I was looking at for my partially autonomous heli (see
below), but this sort of equipment out of the price range I can pay.

> Oh, and now to really get off topic.  I have some ideas and have started 
> assembling some equipment to build a self navigating autopilot for an 
> R/C aircraft.  Initially I see it as a safety system and for pilot 
> training ... it could kick in and return the aircraft home if contact 
> with the transmitter is lost.

This was the primary reason why _I_ was aiming at a working IMU: I had
the desire to have a large, red button placed on the remote to let the
heli rest at whatever position it currently had. The downside: If the
system doesn't work out and you crash the aircraft then you not only
have to repair the craft but also have to go for another $6k to replace
the IMU ....

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