Boris Koenig wrote:

I am currently mainly looking for answers to some of the following questions:

- is there demand for an application like this ?

I think there is. This could particularly be useful for the first couple of lessons for a PC-ATD. It also reminds people that flying isn't easy (which in turn might make it more fun for some of us ...)

- how many people would actually want to use it (if available) ?
- how feasible would it be to implement such an application with FlightGear as backend ?

I think FlightGear (most than any other simulator) is perfectly capable for this stuff. The only problem might be that it requires more work to get it done (if new code needs to be added). But the end result will be precisely what you are aiming for, since everything is open and accessible.

and for the developers among you:

- is there anything like a general API in order to interface with FlightGear (either externally or as a plugin) ?

There are multiple ways to interface with FlightGear. Using scripts (Nasal code) or using a socket connections (by a telnet like interface).

- has anybody experience with writing similar extensions for FlightGear ?
- is there a way to directly access FlightGear's client area (e.g. via PSL) to display custom animations ?

PSL has been superseded by Nasal. Nasal can do a lot already, but animating is best done using XML configuration files (although animations can be triggered by setting/changing animation bound properties).

- and of course: would anybody like to join the attempt to turn that
concept into something useful ? (it's gonna be a spare time project anyway)

If i understand it correctly the I think this doesn't require many C++ code changes. Most of this can be done using XML configuration files and Nasal scripting.

For what it's worth, I kind of like the idea.


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