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Yup, using 3 differential GPS units has become a 'standard' way of doing this

Cool, the UMN professor I am working with is listed as a reference for the stanford paper. Small world ...

however with a little ingenuity one could build a satisfactory
system around this neat device for *much* less money

Exactly! I'm trying to decide if I want to mount the IR sensor on some sort of gimble and vary the sensor attitude to control the aircraft attitude, or do I just want to hard mount the sensor and try and steer with the rudder while the copilot fights to keep the wings level ... (?) But add an isopod (< $100 from and an OEM GPS (< $100 from garmin) and some elbow grease and you'd be getting pretty close to being able to do 100% autonomous flight. A radio modem, ground station, and onboard sensor suite would also be nice. As well as onboard wireless video camera, directional antennas, etc. etc. etc.)

Continuing to be off topic. Take a look at the July 9-10, 2004 entry at my Mariner web site:


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