Martin Spott wrote:

If you spend $6k at X-Bow you already get a FOG-based IMU. This is the
sort of things I was looking at for my partially autonomous heli (see
below), but this sort of equipment out of the price range I can pay.

Yeah, that's pretty tough for most people's home budget. I imagine you've looked at the project. They claim to have hovered a heli, but they don't seem to have had much activity in the last year or two.

This was the primary reason why _I_ was aiming at a working IMU: I had
the desire to have a large, red button placed on the remote to let the
heli rest at whatever position it currently had. The downside: If the
system doesn't work out and you crash the aircraft then you not only
have to repair the craft but also have to go for another $6k to replace
the IMU ....

The FMA Direct Co-Pilot Norman mentioned has been used with some success for stabalizing R/C helicopters. When you start to get in trouble, just center the controls and give it throttle. The co-pilot should right the heli and if you have throttle you should then be climbing away from trouble where you have time and space to collect yourself (so to speak, haha ...) and try again. It won't hold a hover in the wind, and it can take some effort to get it calibrated so you don't have a lot of extraneous drift, but it sounds like people have been using it with good success.

Seems like a pretty nifty device, I've read mostly good things about it on the net. I've been watching ebay ... :-)


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