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Exactly! I'm trying to decide if I want to mount the IR sensor on some sort of gimble and vary the sensor attitude to control the aircraft attitude, or do I just want to hard mount the sensor and try and steer with the rudder while the copilot fights to keep the wings level ...

So the idea is that you would steer the rudder, then the copilot would bank the plane just enough for a coordinated turn? I don't think that would work -- you'd probably end up spinning or rolling the plane.

Not quite. The co-pilot does one thing (but one thing well from what I read). It keeps itself level with the horizon. That's it. It has no gyros. It fits inline between your receiver and your servos. So as I understand it, it will only kick in when you have your sticks centered.

The question is, with an auto-pilot forcing the wings level, how effective would rudder only steering be. I'm guessing not all that effective, but at R/C scales is it effective enough to control heading and self navigate?


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