A Google search for "pid control" gives some useful tutorials on what pid

doh... yes I must have overlooked them before ;-) but actually I was looking at a more in-depth description. On my way I came across over these books which I'm going to get from the library: (name and ISBN)

PID controllers / by Karl J. Åström and Tore Hägglund. 1556175167
Adaptive Control (2nd Edition) 0201558661
Control Theory : Multivariable & Nonlinear Methods 0748408789
The Control Handbook 0849385709
Handbook of PI and PID controller tuning rules / Aidan O'Dwyer. 1860943500
Digital Control of Dynamic Systems (3rd Edition) 0201820544
Advanced Control Unleashed: Plant Performance Management for Optimum Benefit 1556178158
Control Systems Engineering 0471445770

One important thing to note is that to make a fairly complete autopilot
you need several pid controllers. One pid controller can only control one
flight control, for example the elevator. Another has to control the ailerons.
Often you need a pid controller to control the pid controller that controls
the elevator. This is called a cascade configuration.

Isn't it more apropriate to have a multidimentional PID controller rather than multiple 1 dimentional PID controllers? Or is that just the same? (I'd guess it's not the same...) What is the benefit of cascading PID controllers?


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