What is the difference in these properties?

  /autopilot/route-manager/wp-last/id =    ''      (none)
  /autopilot/route-manager/wp/id = 'KANP'  (string)
  /autopilot/settings/route-manager/wp/id =        'KGAI'  (string)

They seem to be overshadowing each other.  Have some of these
been superceeded by the new route-manager code?  Which one is
the official next waypoint?  (Or is it some artifact of nasal
generating new branches of the property tree?)

Or yet, is mucking with the property tree via fgTie/xxSet/xxGet
the proper way to change these, or would a better method be via
a nasal script, for example, that calls something like:

If so, then how does an external program call a nasal script to
change things (like the telnet interface does)?


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