Luca Masera wrote:
> A : "flightgear-devel" 

> I've just downloaded the DATA directory in CVS; while in the old scenery 
> configuration
> the elevation data and the objects were in the same directory, I've noticed that now 
> they
> are splitten into "Terrain" and "Objects". I've started a flight in KSFO, where there
> are some models, but they doesn't appear in the scene.

I don't have any problem with my MSVC build. Are you up to date ?
Current FlightGear is looking for files in Scenery/Terrain and Scenery/Objects. 
Do you have --fg-scenery option set, either in fgrun, in system.fgfsrc or on the 
command line ?

> How I can solve this? I've to merge the directories?
> However, this could be caused by the fact that I've removed the source files in the 
> directory
> "objects" during the compilation?

What do mean ? what files ?
> tanks,
> Luca
> PS1: If it's even important, I've tested the differences between win32 and unix axis
> (Mathias Fröhlich has hasked me about this some time ago) and I could confirm that
> this works right.
> PS2: There's a way to modify the FlightGear Wizard source files for windows? Some 
> functionalities
> doesn't exists any more while others have to be added.

The source are there :


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