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> From: Boris Koenig
> Sent: 14 July 2004 11:18 pm
> To: FlightGear developers discussions
> Subject: [Flightgear-devel] Adding external nasal bindings & 
> fgcommands
> toFlightGear by using Plugins ?
> Hi again !
> I am just about trying to add some test-hooks to FlightGear, but
> wouldn't like to have to rebuild the whole FlightGear build tree each
> time (~ 350 MB ), just for 2-3 added small test-functions, hence I
> came up with the following idea:

Running make should only rebuild the parts of the source that have changed, and any 
parts of the source that are dependent on parts that have changed. You will always 
have to do the final link (20-30 seconds), but it shouldn't hit too much else.


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