Boris Koenig wrote:
Hi again !

I am just about trying to add some test-hooks to FlightGear, but
wouldn't like to have to rebuild the whole FlightGear build tree each
time (~ 350 MB ), just for 2-3 added small test-functions, hence I
came up with the following idea:

How about adding a sub-directory "lib" to FlightGear/data/Nasal which
could then keep plugins that implement external Nasal functions ?

What do you think ?

I don't particulalry like the idea. I'de much rather concentrate on imporving a FlightSimulator than on extening a scripting language. That way the number of bindings to Nasal are as low as possible which nakes it easier to use.

I realize there might be a difference between people who want a scripting language to do everything they need and people who don't want a scripting language except for some very specific tasks.

I am leaning towards the later (for FligthGear at least).


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