> Should probably end this thread now, the topic is wondering from being in
> the slightest flightgear related.
Bad form to reply to my own post.

I have decided not to go with an nvidia based system because the performance 
seems that much worse compared to the 9700 based ati graphics in some 

For anyone interested, on monday I intend to get the 2.2kg Razor from


with a 7200rpm 60gb drive, rather than 5400rpm 80gb drive.  Performance is
better from the 60gb drive and it is for the same price.  I'm just debating 
whether it's okay to opt for the 80gb drive, I'm not convinced though - all 
my drives in my desktop have faster seek times and the 60gb one is the only 
drive available that seems to offer similar performance.  Reading the 
manufacturers web site it is also based on newer technologies and consumes 
equal or less power (based on the shorter times required for reads).


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