Erik Hofman wrote

> Sent: 17 July 2004 14:51
> To: FlightGear developers discussions
> Subject: Re: [Flightgear-devel] Next release of FlightGear
> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > Once the offending entries are removed from simgear/sound, simgear
> compiles
> > correctly, but Norman's pre-built libraries were still present. I'll
> remove
> > those and try again.
> Nono, that's not what I meant.
> Norman once build a separate library for alut and openal, but in the end
> put them together into on library called openal.
> So I guess we just should remove the entries from now.
> Thanks for testing this.

I'm a bit confused now!

Norman's last version put all the stuff into openal

Unless test1 and test2 do something useful they can be easily removed from


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