Boris Koenig wrote:

But on the other hand I followed the whole discussion about FlightGear
financing and had to notice that most people simply tend to object
against any suggestions that are being made, INSTEAD of making
better suggestions themselves.

I might have missed a message, but I do not remember a single one like that. Most people supported Curt's suggestion, two people written that it was a hard choice, and I said that it would be a bad idea both for Curt personally (who'd have to pay taxes on the money) and for the project, and offered three better alternatives.

I do understand that there are some strong feelings involved in the
whole issue, but then again, I also see MANY of the other _BIG_
opensource projects really relying on such kind of income.

Which ones, in particular? The four best-known OSS projects are Apache, Linux, Mozilla, and OpenOffice, and there are no outside ads at all on,,, or (though does advertise its own branded merchandise and solicit donations -- it's also a registered non-profit). Ditto for Perl (, Python (, Gnome (, and KDE ( -- no banner ads. FreeBSD has discrete icons at the bottom of its site ( linking to the FreeBSD mall, but so far, I'm striking out completely finding a major OSS project that runs banner ads for revenue. That shouldn't be surprising, given how profoundly hated banner ads are in our community.

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