Frederic Bouvier wrote:
Norman Vine wrote:

Perhaps merntion of this should be made as a 'dependenciy' then on

Sorry Norman, but I don't understand. FlightGear does not depend on fgrun.
It is just in the Win32 binary package since 0.9.3 and probably in several
Linux packages as a bonus. runfgfs and runfgfs.bat are still generated by
configure in the source package.

Anyway, the website could mention flightgear related projects but I
presume there was not so much lobbying for this from their authors.

If I remember correctly there IS a specific section on the webpages, at least that's what I think. Wait ...

Ya, while it cannot be found under "related projects" those other
projects are mentioned on the "links" page:

I'd also suggest to separately maintain such a listing, this could be
also done via some kind of basic CMS - if there aren't any other volunteers
I really wouldn't mind to ocassionally update such a section.

I think it's really a good idea to have a central place for all
FlightGear related software, that way you would also make things
easier for new users who are just trying to start getting familiar
with FlightGear - they would only have to look in one place.

We could add a small description with relevant remarks and have
some small table for all the 2nd party stuff that there is.


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