Jacek wrote:
Do you really distinguish those ... and ---? ;-)

Well, to be honest only since just recently - there are some fairly decent morse code training applications available, so if you keep hearing the same stuff for an hour a day you start to get it one day ... But it's the same problem with a & n ...

As to the dialog check boxes I've just checked out a few:

morse & engine
is playing no
is muted yes
show frame rate yes
enhenced runway lighting yes
Sun/Moon horizon effect yes clouds coverage yes time of day no
(yes=I can change to opposite state, no=I can't)

yes, it's somehow a bit irregular - you CAN stop the morse code directly by unmuting everything and the re-muting the whole application (must not be paused then !), I guess the morse-stuff simply doesn't take the mute status into consideration yet - at least not during startup.

Also, the properties dialog doesn't seem to get automatically
updated (if openend !) when one changes the properties via the
telnet/http interface.

-------- Boris

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