Curtis L. Olson wrote:
Hey guys,

Did we introduce a memory leak when paging scenery recently? I left FG running all night (with ATC and AI traffic disabled) and memory usage was stable. Then I went for 2-3 hour flight and just about filled up all my main RAM + Swap on my linux machine before I finally killed landed and exited. I know we were very careful when we set this all up to make sure memory usage was stable during scenery paging and that we didn't leak any memory, but something seems to have crept in along the way with one of the changes. The only thing I can remember recenly is support for terrain/object separation in the directory structure and some sort of simplistic state presorting when loading terrain. Could one of those things be doing this?

It's hard to believe that the terrain/object separation has something to do with this, because it only affects the location where the scenery related files can be found. It doesn't touch the loader and or deletion of them.

There was also a change in the texture loading code to allow more than one texture to be defined per material, but taking a quick look at that code (defined in mat.cxx search for \"texture\") didn't show anything obvious.

And there is the code change to allow a different texture path for a 3d model but again, I find that one very unlikely to cause a memory leak.

So I can't think of anything obvious right now.


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