David Culp said:

> > Try  'hdparm -d /dev/hdxx to check status of drive
> Yep, DMA checks on.  I'm sure Curt has the problem figured out.  What to do 
> about it is another issue.  Some possible solutions:
> 1)  Extend the appearance of the splash screen until all the loading is 
> finished.
> 2)  Put a progress bar in the middle of the screen.
> 3)  An hour-glass cursor?
> 4)  A message box "Scenery Loading.  Stand By..."

I may take a stab at this later in the week.  If it is possible to query the
tile loading queue then you can have the initialization delay the fdm until
the loader is caught up (queue gets emptied).  I'm not sure, but I think
something like that would work.  It'd be good to have this fixed for the release.



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