David Megginson said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
> >>What is the origin of the DC-3 sounds in the base package?  Listening to the 
> >>individual samples, they sound an awful lot more like turbine engines than 
> >>piston -- granted, a few DC-3's have had turbine conversions.
> > 
> > In the base package see the read-trev.txt file for credit and contact info.
> If the sounds were actually recorded in flight, then they are the sounds of 
> *two* engines plus wind and airframe noises.  It might make more sense for 
> us to go back to synthetic sounds, since we need a separate sound for each 
> component.

Yeah I ran into that with the P51.  Ultimately I only used the initial cough
and starter sound.  One problem is part of the sound varies with RPM and other
parts shouldn't.  These sounds were originally donated for use by MSFS
community modelers, and IIRC they were pretty highly talked about.  But then
again...maybe my memory isn't so good on that :-)

> How do the current DC-3 sounds come across on other people's computers? They 
> don't sound so hot on mine, but that might just be my sound card.

I'll give it a try too.  I need to check some other A/C as well.



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