David Megginson said:

> How do the current DC-3 sounds come across on other people's computers? They 
> don't sound so hot on mine, but that might just be my sound card.


There is a modified sound config in cvs that at least partially addresses the
problems.  I hope Erik doesn't mind.  BTW if anyone wants to mess with any of
the aircraft sound configs that I've commited in the past, have at it.  It
isn't as easy (or fun) as it first appears :-).

Basically the factors and methods in the config were wrong given the OpenAL
inputs (we all knew this would be an issue with switching to OpenAL...and
other aircraft still need work).  Those dc-3 sound files are pretty good. 
There's a noticable looping click in the "engine running" sound that someone
who is good with a sound editor might be able to fix.

FWIW, I think eventually we're going to find that the easiest approach to
sound configuration is going with interpolation tables instead of the
"mathematical" techniques.  Smoothly mixing and transitioning different sound
loops as engine rpm and other operating conditions vary is the tricky part.  I
didn't do this with the dc3, so it is still a little rough.  Should be better
than it was though.



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