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> > The last thing I've read is that OpenGC and FlightGear are not
> > compatible anymore. But you may want to check the source code in
> > FlightGear/src/Network and search for opengc*
The answer is yes and no. Most likely the data structures (classes) defined
in opengc_data.hxx tend to oscillate between releases; however the
underlying socket communications are stable and working. The latest version
in FG has a few additions that require the use of the JSBSim FDM to get a
few more flight and engine parameters which you may or may not need. I've
been working with any earlier version of OpenGC for my 747 simulator. If you
find that you need the OpenGC, rather than some of the other protocols that
do much the same thing, I'll be glad to help you with getting things in sync
and pointing out where things might be a little out of kilter.

John W.

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